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DN Tiger


Wild Domaining





Create domain names that SELL !


Announcing DN Tiger (for Windows)


This is the same software we used to sell (among others) a $1.39 hand-registered domain for $2,500.00 !


How ?

With DN Tiger you can generate several types of VALUABLE domains :


  • Liquid domains (like LLLL, NNN, LLN etc)
  • Keyword brandables (like or etc)
  • Invented brandables (like,
  • Tech domains (like, etc)
  • Geo domains (like or etc)
  • SEO-related long-tail domains (like or etc)
  • … and more !



Liquid domains


See the image on the left.

We have placed 4 N’s on the spots on the top. DN Tiger will create all the NNNN combinations for us in the TLD extension(s) we want.

Results : 10,000 domains







Color + Animal


for instance,

Pronounceable domains like

VR + Technology Keywords



State + Keyword domains


City + Keyword domains




To the point – Because it is built by domainers for domainers

Intuitive – To make your life easier

Fast – Save time ! DN Tiger does the job in seconds 😉





Seeing is believing !


Check how smoothly DNTiger can work for you, and only if you are absolutely impressed, come back for the full edition !


Download the trial version now !


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